Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My sister the poet :)

We met in Puerto Rico last Sunday; my mom, sisi, and me
To board a ship and sail the Caribbean Sea

They took silly pictures before we even boarded the ship
And hand delivered our suitcases, almost too full to be zipped

We ran around to explore floors one through fourteen
Everything was so beautiful, glistening, and clean

The water refilled, three forks, fine wine...
We gathered each night in Vivaldi to dine

Ten at our table; four of them Brits
Stories and conversation was always a hit

Two desserts, the coffee, champagne as a treat
White linens, some singing, and new friends to meet

Lashana’s lovely bread and Derya’s smile
Made all at our table want to stay for awhile

The menu divine, the food always hot
I’d order two entrees, and hear Derya’s sweet “Why not?”

We stayed up late dancing outside under stars
Oriana received a free drink from the bar

In the middle of the ocean we climbed a rock wall
Went swimming, ice skating, and tried not to fall

Clear teal water and Aruba’s white sand
We left the island with a coconut in hand

The locals in Dominica were funny and kind
We floated the river and the boys didn’t mind

Curacao was beautiful, but we didn’t stay cool
So we boarded the ship and jumped in the pool

St. Thomas was sailing and endless rum punch
With the sun, waves, and dancing we made a lively bunch

On the ship was a line, and to the photographers dismay
We’d stick out our tongues and get pictures our way

Towels turned animals, crisp sheets, a clean floor
The room was transformed when Carl came through the door

The crew was amazing; working all day and night
Doing everything they could to make our vacation just right

Would you rather be an egg or a bee?
Or joke about awkward arms in the bag or the pets at sea?

I won’t soon forget this past week in May
I hope the Caribbean calls us back again one day!

gretch wrote this poem about our cruise -- isn't it great?