Friday, January 27, 2012

FEB. 10th . . . will you do a random act of kindness?

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For my TWENTY.SIXTH (aHHH) birthday this year, I've decided to find TWENTY.SIX RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS I can do throughout the day! I don't have any plans for what I will do (thus the random) but just want to see what happens and what I will be able to find. I DO, however want to be with all of YOU while doing them! If you live by me and don't work during the day give me a call & we'll make some people happy! If you can't join me, PRETTY PLEASE think about what you can do in your own city or on your own time. Open a door for someone, pay for someone's coffee, visit someone in a nursing home . . . it can be small & simple and still make such a difference in someone's day! THEN - if you can - let me know what you did on facebook. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER to have my wall FULL of kind acts my friends did for others in honor of MY birthday! Hopefully people will pay it forward too. I'll update my blog for you later & let you know what I find as well.
xoxo, Oriana