Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I tried taking artsy shots of my table setting but I'm not much of a photographer. We had only 3 place settings at our 'just family' christmas dinner last night. It lacked aesthetic symmetry -- but mostly lacked my silly, fun-making, "turn up the music," dancing/singing counterpart -- my sister. We missed you gretchie!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coffee Shop Hopping

I'm taking a much needed homework break to update my blog. I've been working way too hard on my senior project and when I get stressed out, food sometimes becomes my comfort. Today I only needed to work on my computer which meant I was able to go one of the coffee shops I love in this town. Around 10AM I went to The Golden Leaf which is more of a lunch place and gathering of empty nest women. Around noon I started getting hungry and ordered a veggie panni with olive pesto, portabello mushrooms, feta cheese, spinach, and one more thing I forgot. AND, it came with Broccoli BLEU cheese soup! It was delicious! I wish I would have taken a picture of it all because it was so pretty and colorful. After about 4 hours there, I went home and started to work but was distracted by my roommates. It's impossible to work at home when your roommates are as entertaining as mine. So, I headed to coffee shop # 2: LEGACY CHOCOLATES! I just divulged in an 85% coca coconut truffle and a latte with hemp milk. A.MAZ.ING. I don't think I should go to another one tonight (due to being a poor college student) although being in a great atmosphere adds a really nice counterbalance to homework. I think I deserve it right now.