Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm baaaack!

i'm totally slacking on posts, i know.

This one has nothing to do with design but i've discovered a new love and a new hate. My sister just introduced me to evian. You know, that expensive bottled water that totally doesn't seem worth it. Maybe you are like me in thinking all bottled water tastes the same. Well, not the case. Sersiously, it tastes like hose water (which i love) mmmm, the only thing better would be zorbaz water bottled. Great water is irreplaceable!

sweet bottle too!

My new hate is instant oatmeal. I used to LOVE it but about half way through my freshman year of college when I used to eat it everyday it started tasting like soap. At first I thought it was because I didn't rinse my dishes well enough but everytime after that it always did. I say it's a new hate because I always had faith my love would return and eventually the soap taste I kept tasting would disappear. Still no luck. I had this kind called cinnamon bun last night and couldn't taste anything but soap....so weird. Goodbye instant oatmeal - you were good to me.


gretchenmariez said...

oh sisi! i don't think i know anyone quite like you! (and that's a good thing!) you are so hilarious! ... and I am glad I have been a good influence on you yet again... :) love you!

Char said...

Hey Oriana,
Cute picture!! love, Mom

Anonymous said...

you mean when you were washing your dishes in the nasty sink room.... oh good memories! :)

I didn't miss much on your blog. you are now a bookmark with all of the election center updates. so, you better keep up! :)