Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Oregon Coast

I'm experiencing a bit of heaven right now. Gretchen and I are on the Oregon coast staying in a beautiful beach home. From almost everywhere in the house you can hear and see the ocean. I've found my favorite spot upstairs on a comfy, cozy, corner chair with blankets and pillows overlooking the ocean. Next to me is a deck -- so I've got that door propped open and the waves are my music! Life couldn't get any better right now. ahhhhh h h h h h h h . . . .

outside on the ocean chairs!

this is the view from where I am blogging (the waves don't look big but they are....promise!)

sisters :)

in my spot!

ps: this blog took me forever to write because I'm so enralled with the waves. They sound like thunder bolts when they hit -- i think i may be jealous of myself.

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Mom said...

Hi Oriana,
Enjoyed your post too. Wow thats so beatiful.I am so glad you got to go there.
Take lots of pictures. Love Mom