Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I tried taking artsy shots of my table setting but I'm not much of a photographer. We had only 3 place settings at our 'just family' christmas dinner last night. It lacked aesthetic symmetry -- but mostly lacked my silly, fun-making, "turn up the music," dancing/singing counterpart -- my sister. We missed you gretchie!


Anonymous said...

YES ...Gretchen, we sure did miss you alot.
Nice shots Oriana, couldnt of done better myself. Mom

gretchen said...

oooohhhhh.... and i missed YOU... and the dancing, singing, yummy food, table (!!) and all the fun that comes with our traditions of being silly...(let's set the timer...!!)love you sisi... more craziness to come... did you get your christmas gift yet?!