Monday, March 9, 2009

Dad, this post is for you!

My family always makes fun of my dad for using scrap paper he finds lying around to clean between his teeth after dinner. "Oh, you needed that piece of paper? Here, it's still good." After we make fun of him he laughs and says, "Hey, it works, doesn't it?" We've also caught him using a fork or knife to clean under his nails. Look what I found on Core 77 -- Hygiene business cards! There are three different cards in the set. One suggesting use for dental floss, one for cleaning under nails, and one for the disposal of your chewing gum! A piece is torn off and the rest becomes a regular business card with all the information! If my dad received this business card, he would hire on the spot. What a clever guy.


Anonymous said...

Clever, but it grosses me out at the same time!!! How's your butt? -Tiff

Dad said...

Great idea and you made fun of me