Sunday, September 5, 2010


I can hardly believe it's the SECOND September that i wiLL NOT be returning to schooL. It's bittersweet -- maybe a little more sweet -- but the month and recent brisk weather is giving me acute nostalgia for my college friends & town. i'M desperateLy wishing i could enjoy a perfect, chilly air bike ride down the red cedar trail, meet tiffany for coffee on the couches at Raw Deal, make a much needed ice cream trip to WALMART at 3AM with juLie, talk greeting cards, weddings, and current events with racheL at Caribou, count on coming home to the light on - no matter the hour - someone always awake & willing to sit at the kitchen table with you, their computer, a cup of coffee, and advice. My heart is smiling - i lOVE you girLs & i miss you Menomonie. i'LL see you soon, okay?


Tiff said...

okay. :) I'm glad you're back... i missed your blog! see you in october!

Mom said...

Nicely written Oriana,I been waiting too!

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