Friday, April 11, 2008

Dad & Gretchen (aLL other cat haters) this post is for YOU!

Oh. My. Goodness. This has nothing to do with design but it's so FUNNY! I came home from track tonight and turned on the CBS news. A segment came on about CAT AGILITY. You know -- kinda like dog agility where dogs jump over hurdles and go through tunnels, etc. WELL, now they have cats doing it. The difference is cats are LAZY and have absolutely no ambition. They went on to say they created the sport simply to get cat owners out of their home and off their couches. hahahaha, are you kidding? It isn't much of a spectator sport because it takes the cat forever to finish. (or do anything for that matter) They ended their segment by zooming in on a bigger woman trying to persuade her cat and said, "It's almost more of a sport for the owners, as some of them have gotten a little 'Garfield-esque!'"

These people are so proud :)




Anonymous said...

hahahahha! I'm so glad you posted about this!! I totally saw this on the news tonight too! The cats didn't jump over ANYTHING... they just walked around them as the "garfield-esque" women waved the little string in front of them! HA! LOVE IT! :)

Char said...

I saw this too...... How dumb..........Can you believe they would waste prime time on CATS!!!Dad

gretchenmariez said...

oh sisi... you should see the cats that live in my complex... so ugly! but oh well, at least they are not living with me! i love you! thanks for the funny post!

Anonymous said...

Not a cat person are you? Cats aren't lazy, they simply do what they want, when they want. Who cares if someone is watching. ndi