Thursday, April 24, 2008

i love my family!

These old pictures are priceless. Don't you think?

GOOBER SAYS HEY....say hey goob!

bowL cut!

BABY DROWSY! awww...

my only cute profile picture.

My uncle Wes helping me do a puzzle

Look at those young bucks! ow oww!

Nice shades dad and gretch! pretty sure I'm the only normal looking one here :)


Char said...

I will get you!!!!!!!!
If I would known you were going to post these like this I never would of sent them to you!!!
You stinker! Love Mom

gretchenmariez said...

OMG! i cried when i saw these! (yes, maybe i should have cried because i was so ugly!) but really just because they are HILARIOUS! seriously! wow....

kara said...

Did you guys have that "keep your picture of a donkey's butt off" sign at your house. I think I remember you and me laughing because we thought the sign was dumb because we interpreted it as "keep your donkeys off". Man we were dumb sometimes.


Oriana Zens said...

haha, love it kara!
yeah, it was at our house. I'm sure it's still sitting in our garage somewhere.