Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful List (Day 4)

10. Coffee & Chocolate . . . no need to say more.
11. My big sisi gretchie! I love her, I miss her & I look up to her. "When I get big, i'mna ride on the bus with dretchen to scooL!"
12. Initiation at work: If you're new, we might scare you with . . . dun, dUN, DUN, "INITIATION," but it's really just another game we play. The picture really represents more than initiation -- I'm thankful for my job, my co-workers, the friendships I've made, the games we play, the fun we have, and ALL the free FOOD we eat!
13. My sister's typical request that has now become the family picture norm -- siLLy faces. I love the fun we have while taking these pictures but I'm really thankful for these people: my sister, mom, and grandma.


Mom said...

number 13 is especially cute....haha.

gretchen said...

and I am thankful for YOU!

e.cuyler said...

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