Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful List (Day 7)

My far-away friends I've actually gotten to hang out with recently! None of these pictures actually represent our recent reunions because my camera is broken :(

22. Erika & Kayla: Erika lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Katrina & I picked the perfect 5 days to get out of Minnesota and head for the beaches & sun of FL. It was SUCH a great HS reunion. Erika is my crazy good singer, fun loving, organized and (very) talkative friend. Kayla lives in Denver, Colorado. She came home (in true Kayla style) without much of a heads up and we spur the moment met for lunch, updated each other on our lives, families, and latest HS gossip. Kayla was practically my adjoined twin for years. We went everywhere & did everything together. Now if only I could get a job in Denver.
23. Katrina: She is a BUSY girl but we finally got more than a few hours at a coffee shop together. Katrina ALWAYS makes me laugh, she's thoughtful beyond belief, and she has the biggest passion for science & health care.
24. Whitney: She's home for the holiday...(her boyfriend Matt in tow). They live in Boston, MA and flew in on Saturday. Kara and I met them for dinner, drinks, and bowling in uptown. It turned into an icy, cold night that left us stranded at Kara's (who, btw is the best hostess ever) we snuggled in bed & made breakfast in the AM. Whitney is the probably the wittiest person I know, she's usually up for anything, and she is super spontaneous --(maybe why we get along so well?)


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