Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful List

My sister started the Thanksgiving tradition in our family to write down EVERYTHING you are thankful for. We write things that are silly & mundane, things that we take for granted, and of course, usual things we all think of, like: family, friends, faith & health. It's good to be specific because when you look back at old lists you can more clearly remember what your life was like at the time, and what was important -- little things usually change. Then we always email it to each other so we can say "oooHHH, that's a good one!" or "what's the story with that one?". I've decided to make my list with pictures this year. Hopefully each day of November I can post a few more things I am thankful for. No particular order - just going with whatever I'm feeling that day. Enjoy!

1. Kaia: the little peanut I get to hang out with every Monday & Tuesday.
2. Ten Mile Lake: the first trip across spring 2010.
3. Bert & Polly: my old & new (mostly) faithful modes of transportation.
4. These friends: I think you can tell how silly & fun they are just from the picture.

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